1. “Ha ha, you made fun of me, now I am going to fuck your mom”

  2. “I bloody told you! Lindsay and I are just friends! I didnt buy her these, she bought them!”

  3. Apparently nannies don’t have to be young to strike Jude’s fancy.

  4. JimbBB

    Thank god, she got my Bag-O-Flowers!

  5. The operator at the escort service had a bit of a hearing problem, but Jude didn’t care. “Nanny, Granny. Whatever. As long as she can do her mouth like this.”

  6. “Now Jude, You are strange looking fellow and you don’t look too bright. When we get back to my flat, I want you to stand on your head and hold these bouquet of flowers in your anus for my amusement.”

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