1. CVS, a favorite of alcoholics everywhere. Even Malibu.

  2. Mickey Rourke laughed at this one.

  3. Here come the booze train!


  4. Keep walking.. this over active bladder isn’t leaving pee stains on my leg. Oh Depends don’t fail me now!

  5. His neck and shoulders look like those big rubber WWF wrestlers I used to play with in the 80s.

  6. catapostrophe

    Moments before: “Would you like all three whiskeys in one bag?”

  7. Ok, this really isn’t funny any more. Someone needs to check on him.

  8. He should just have his care giver shop for him.

  9. I hope the poor guy didn’t blow all of his money on clothing!

  10. gary coleman's ghost

    He makes Nicholas Cage character in “Leaving Las Vegas” look like a fucking Mormon.

  11. Ronaldo

    Stopped caring some time ago

  12. So humiliating…the only one going to the “Down and Out in Beverly Hills” reunion in costume.

  13. JimbBB

    A homeless guy just gave *HIM* $20.

  14. Nick with his set of wheels – looking less embarrassing than Billy Ray Cyrus did with his set of wheels yesterday.

  15. “Sir! Sir! You left your box of soap bars”
    “I didn’t buy any god damn soap bars! I don’t want any f*&kin SOAP!”
    “Uhhhh…Its on the house sir.”

  16. Jim

    Philip Seymour Hoffman’s mother has some explaining to do.

  17. In an effort to go green Mr. Nolte asks the pharmacy to put his weekly Oxycontin and Methadone prescriptions in a paper bag instead of plastic bottles.

  18. “Where the hell did I park?…Oh yeah, I don’t have a car.”

  19. the cvs in malibu california now know the mystery behind all its missing shopping carts.

  20. tlmck

    You really need a shopping cart for one box of Depends and your man purse?

  21. cory

    Rosie looks like shit

  22. He still has that man purse, what the hell!

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