1. I guess everybody has to do an Angelina Jolie intrenship..

  2. Suddenly the “Pencils of Promise” joke I wanted to make is all creepy now.

  3. gnarla

    If only her hands were stronger.

  4. JC

    “Well,” Justin thought, “If I can’t be the King of Pop in terms of talent, I can at least surpass him in child molestation.”

  5. I told you kid, I bought your mom for just one night… I’m not your new dad.

    *urinates in mop bucket used to collect rainwater*

  6. Ben Dover


  7. Kid in the stripes shorts needs to switch to light beer.

  8. “You’re gonna make a great stripper one day. Soon, actually. Very, very soon.”

  9. Mohawk Disco

    The good thing, by the time she grows up no one will remember him so this picture won’t be embarrassing.

  10. Tiggles

    “You remind me of Selena, back when she was hot.”

  11. ultra

    that kid’s gonna turn up in the munich airport in about a week or so.

  12. Check out the fat kid in the half shirt. Do the Truffle Shuffle Chunk!

    Ah Third World…you so funny.

  13. As if those underprivledged kids don’t have enough trouble, they now have to contend with Bieber Fever.

  14. Crb

    So he’s back together with Selena then?

  15. Little Tongue

    That’s insane! Please, members of the media, get your priorities straight! There’s a pregnant little boy in the background but all you care for is the Bieber! You suck!

  16. Ronaldo

    Stop trying to show that you are a nice person. You are not.

  17. Swearin

    “You’re going to be a beautiful young Latina someday. Just don’t break anyone’s hearts! OR FILM THEM WHILE SLEEPING!”

  18. john

    I did your mommy and your mommy and your mommy……..shit you might be mine……..just remember I am a complete tool bag

  19. ” Oh kid please nail him in the girly nuts, just one good kick.. trust me he will feel it ! ‘

  20. JimbBB

    Poor Selena. Left for a younger woman already.

  21. “Finally a Latina that is my mental age .. fuck you Selena…”

  22. red sparrow

    That shit stain just finished reading Gary Glitter’s “100 Tips To Pick Up Hot Chicks”.

  23. Bieber: “It’s been so great meeting you guys. I haven’t had this much fun since I was tearing ass around my exclusive gated community in the Lambo. I’m sure you can relate. Maybe we’ll see each other at the private plane lounge at JFK? I hope so. Isn’t the G6 great? And the next time you guys are in Paris for fashion week you HAVE to chopper out to the yacht for some lobster and jump in the Cristal hot-tub. It’s awesome.”

    Girl: “We ate our cat.”

  24. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    Bastard hiding his weed in the belliesof children

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