1. “Lady, my wish is that you die, can you make that happen?”

  2. Okay I’m calling bullshit. No one would have a Make-A-Wish with Kelly Osbourne unless they’ve laced that card she has her mouth on with a deadly poisonous substance that will instantly kill her.

  3. ultra

    shhh… she’s about to place the glory hole box on webster.

  4. Johnny P!

    Dying Kid: “Lady, you’re not pushing my wheelchair until you take a breathalizer! I still got a couple of months left, bitch!”

  5. Poor kid. You know this was NOT his wish.

    “Ok Timmy, here’s your special Make a Wish surprise. Stephen Hawking couldn’t make it, but here’s Kelly Osbourne!”

  6. What people fail to realize is that Kelly Osborne’s “Make a wish” was to have somebody interested in her.

  7. Dying kid: “Hello there lady, would you put on this red lipstick and kiss this picture of my dick?”

    Kelly: “Of course me love! Care for a snog on the real thing?”

    Dying kid: “No thanks.”

  8. Prajj

    “I said Kelly BROOK! Who the F is this troll?”

  9. The Make-A-Wish Foundation’s latest program: grant the wishes of D-list stars with dying careers. “Make me relevant and then make me look like a decent human being,” said Fashion Police regular, Kelly Osbourne.

  10. JimbBB


  11. “I said, ‘I wish I weren’t afraid of dying,’ not ‘Make me wish I were dead.’”

  12. Jesus. To the Make-A-Wish foundation she has to be that old, dumb, alcoholic, cat lady substitute teacher school boards only call when no one else can make it and the kids won’t just go home. Who the fuck would wish to spend time with any of those famous-by- association celebrity barnacles?

  13. “There you go…your book is signed.”
    “Thanks…Who are you?”

  14. Wrynoceros

    When “i wish Miley would spank me” and “uh, yeah, we totally blew the budget on that ‘bat kid’ thing” collide

  15. Mrs Claus

    Geez Kelly. If you need glasses just break down and buy you a pair.

  16. kchollingsworth

    You people should be ashamed of yourselves. When was the last time you did anything for anyone else? For what it’s worth, Kelly’s brother, Jack, was recently diagnosed with MS, which probably explains why she is at the Make a Wish Benefit. I doubt the young man’s wish was to attend a grown up party to have his wish fulfilled, so she’s probably just giving him an autograph. If you had any compassion, you would realize that by bending down as she is doing, she’s extending a courtesy to a wheel chair bound individual, by greeting him at eye level. Your incredible lack of respect for the young man, as well as Ms. Osbourne, reveal much about you. Vitriolic nastiness is both uncalled for and petty, especially given the circumstances. As always, you would benefit from the adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s best to simply write [sic] nothing at all.” Hpw much more could this young individual have enjoyed having his photo on the internet if you had mentioned anything positive about either of the subjects thereof. Oh, and Mrs. Claus (nice for the kids…, not) she’s putting a lipstick kiss on his invitation, not reading it. May I suggest that you take your own advice. Sincerely, KCH

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