1. A proud non-reader of books and someone who doesn’t know what a book is.

  2. JC

    In ever photo, there’s a black man who has dead eyes.

  3. How are they relevant?

  4. Mohawk Disco

    Kim Kardashian did the impossible. I’m starting to feel sorry for Kanye West.

  5. RayJ


  6. Gin&Tonic

    God, what a bunch of fucking idiots…

  7. “I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you………”

  8. I have not seen ONE photo of Kanye with Kim where he is smiling, or where she looks unhappy. She seems absolutely thrilled that he is miserable.

    • nobody's second cousin

      Also – normally an inveterate mouth-breather, Kanye is so profoundly disinterested in what’s going on around him and, in this picture, who is around him, that he’s forgotten to breathe.

    • lawn

      When he’s with her, he always looks like he wants to be someplace else, far far away. Always.

  9. He just found out she wants something from Louis Vuitton for Christmas

  10. Flatliner

    The runaway boob has more common sense than Kanye

  11. “I SAID… put on your BEST PEED IN SHIRT. Not your BREAST FEEDING SHIRT. Do I actually have to go into your closet and lay it out for you?”

  12. martina

    They deserve each other.

  13. Two of the most horrible human beings on the planet, together and procreating, if this is not the end times, I don’t know what is.

  14. Why does that motherfucker always look like he has a mouthful of marbles? I know the whole car wreck, broken jaw, through the wire story, but that was more than a decade ago.

    I used to respect the guy. Musically, he’s pretty innovative. He had to know that associating himself with those people was like letting a hobo take a dump on his “brand”. Funny that no matter what fucking bullshit shenanigans he pulled he couldn’t manage to destroy the respect people had for him as an artist. A year and a baby with one of these pariahs and the wind has definitely shifted on perception of him and not in his favor.

  15. “What are you thinking about?”

  16. Yeah, I sometimes start to feel an inkling of pity when I see these pics, but then he inevitably ruins it by being his epically douchey self, and assaulting someone, or suggesting that he is the most oppressed and victimized person who has ever lived.

  17. fred

    “Why you always be smilin, Kim? Ain’t no reason to smile girl. You get happy when you see cameras, but you should be mad. You should be mad nobody gives me credit for the shit I do. You know the wheel? I invented that. Same with air, the Big Mac, the thong (not the thong song tho), the color yellow, and bar stools. Ain’t nobody give me credit tho. No. Body. So stop smiling at cameras.”

  18. cory

    Douche and douchier

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