1. If you are part of Leo’s entourage, you are required to wear a dumber hat than him.

  2. Yesterday, we saw Cindy Crawford at Art Basel.
    Today, we see Leonardo DiCaprio arrive at Art Basel to cross another name off his supermodel bucket list.

  3. “Bro, wanna see me get laid wearing these socks?”

  4. This guy just amazes me. He dresses working class gay but he consistently nails the hottest women in the world.

    Maybe one second before death it will all become clear but right now I’ve got a one way ticket to confusion town.

    • Mohawk Disco

      It’s not him. It’s the women. They have the most convoluted logic when it comes to whom they fuck. If good looking, obviously fuck him. Dresses like a douche but rich, fuck him. Wears silly hat but can make me famous, fuck him. No wait. It IS him.

    • Rich, famous, reasonably good looking, in shape, huge mansions, expensive cars, yachts etc. If ugly ass British rockers can get supermodels, no reason why he can’t.

  5. Ronaldo

    Nick Nolte ver 2.0??

  6. JimbBB

    Did he get his entourage from A Clockwork Orange?

  7. Leo is just who gives a fuck cool.

  8. Where did I park the Douchemobile?

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