1. They’re waiting for Billy Ray to show up and complete the circle.

  2. “Look, dude. Just give me a quarter, or move along.”

  3. Ronaldo

    Dave Navarro is very short…i cant believe he found a friend shorter than him.

  4. catapostrophe

    There’s nothing cooler than tattoos, sunglasses, cigarettes, facial hair, piercings and wearing all black.

  5. Difficult to look tough with that bag in the photo.

  6. Dave, you missed a spot of skin when you got your ink done–oh wait, you got it. Yep, that’s all of it. You’re officially a Maori tribesman.

  7. Dr Paul Van Nostrum

    So Dave Navarro was the “Sinister”demon the whole time?

  8. Dave is just thinking about his solo in “Three Days.”

  9. After hearing the story about how he saved Haiti from falling into the sea, Dave Navarro realized Sean Penn was off his meds again.

  10. Son of Flubber

    I’m glad the early punk days in LA turned out to mean something today…like, shopping for expensive cloths at Norddies. >

  11. Canudigit

    I wonder if he feels tough in the morning while he paints his fingernails before leaving the house…..even if it is black fingernail polish.

  12. Silent Bob is not nearly as funny now that he’s lost the weight.

  13. “Gawd… how much longer do I have to listen to this guy talk before he blows me?”

  14. “I used to fuck Carmen Electra.”

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