1. While most were thrilled to get their picture taken, the youngest kid was surely thinking ‘where’d the douche come from?

  2. rican

    Kid: “The tits are real!”

  3. anonymous

    Just let the wookie win, kid.

  4. Dr Paul Van Nostrum

    Good to see the updated version of the ape to man progression chart.

  5. I feel like the pointing kid might be Fish.

  6. So Boner Boy is vacationing in Barbados?

  7. Son of Flubber

    Nothing like a big black thatch of hair to cover your man tats.

  8. “Wait… Shouldn’t he take off his sweater first?”

  9. If he hasn’t managed to skeeze his way into developing garbage pop bands, he would 100% be a porn photographer or used car salesman. He just has that je ne sais ooze about him.

  10. Dick Thunder: Brain Doctor

    that black guy just photo-bombed the whitest pic in the world.

  11. zanjoe

    (stage whisper) “ummm, so here we are at the LAKER’S GAME…”

  12. Sometimes the ubiquitous black guy in the background chooses to save his dignity and his all-saying eyes for some other picture.

  13. Andrew

    I think the kid just realised that they might be related.

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