1. Sasquatch called… wants his eyebrow back

  2. cc

    That’s a rather perky little behind.

  3. That is one tight little ass.
    So this is Miley’s lesbian GF she could do a lot worse…(cough* Sam but ugly Ronson cough*)and not gonna lie I would pay to see them go at it

  4. He looks more and more like Michael Jackson every day.

  5. Dr Paul Van Nostrum

    First Miley Cyrus now Faith Hill? Barbados must be like Fire Island for lesbians.

  6. Is it *really* that hard to buy bikinis that fit, ladies?

    Also … her waist is disturbingly high up.

  7. So, that’s a “lesbian”, eh? *Googles “lesbian movies”* Yup, apparently most of them are that attractive. Nice!

  8. Thats a weird behind indeed…

    Eyebrows are not enough on my scale…

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