1. cc

    “Geez, that motherfucker is wearin’ fuckin’ sandals.”

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “Crackers. Why did it have to be crackers?”

  3. Mohawk Disco

    I had it with these motherfuckin’ yuppies on this motherfuckin’ basketball court!

  4. Bonky

    How the fuck did I end up all the way down here ? You can
    barely see Jack from this seat. I gotta get me a new agent !

  5. Why the Fuck are those laker girls not in front of me…mother fucking Kevin Hart

  6. “That’s us on the Jumbotron, hon…and look! We’re sitting next to Samuel L. Jackson! And here I thought it was just some black guy!”

  7. He is straight up about ten seconds away from punching that guy in the throat.

  8. AnnaD.

    Goddamn white folks…

  9. zanjoe

    “Ooooh, so this this IS an ACTUAL Laker’s game? So…. we don’t have to run away?”

  10. Whitey and his daughter can’t believe Sam just shot that dude up there with nothing but his muthafuckin finger.

  11. “This is some seriously repugnant shit right here.”

  12. Andrew

    Sometimes, just sometimes, there’s a Samuel L. Jackson saying it all with his eyes.

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