1. wow. check out his focus.

  2. cc

    Ah yes, the old ‘Oh, I am just kinda looking at them but really feeling it, so don’t worry honey’ look.

  3. dixonblonde

    *thinks* “Damn, how Will Smith be pullin’ them blonde Australian bitches? Not with no gotdamn ‘Grudge Match’, belee dat.”

  4. George P Burdell

    Kevin Hart’s missing thought bubble: “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

  5. “Diamonds, daisies, snowflakes…that girl.”

  6. fred

    This is actually one of the better pictures of him that I have seen. You can’t even see the booster seat from this angle.

  7. Dr Paul Van Nostrum

    I hope the white dude’s a friend and not a bodyguard. My dad could probably beat him up.

  8. “If I had a step ladder, I would tap that!”

  9. Son of Flubber

    Burgers and pu-say…a winning combo.

  10. Son of Flubber

    The white guy next to him is thinking…”It’s true…white women are a black mans kyptonite”

  11. Thank God i’m not a dude. Hot or not, if I went somewhere to watch a game and some chick (or guy) got all up in my personal space like that, I don’t think I could keep myself from displaying my sense of irritation.

  12. “Man, that’s nice. If I stood up right now, I could totally motorboat that pussy”.

  13. Anderson Silva's Wonky Leg

    Hurry up and drink that rohypnol… I suddenly have the urge to drag you to the bathroom. Not you white boy!

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