1. he dropped a hungover royal turd, which would later fetch 900£ on ebay.

  2. donkeylicks

    I was dreaming when I wrote this
    So sue me if I go too fast
    But life is a party
    And parties weren’t meant to last

  3. Dr Paul Van Nostrum

    Geez Harry, I can understand if you’re not a church person but taking a dump in the driveway is so not cool!

  4. Out of frame, the piss boy is running to his aid with a chamber pot.

  5. Mambo

    “If you’re like me you cum, like, ten-times farther if you get into a crouch or squat position.”

  6. There is no dignified way to squat when there is a camera present.

  7. tlmck

    “In days of old when knights were bold and toilets weren’t invented, you left your load upon the road and walked away contented.”

    It’s an old joke, but seemed apropos.

  8. ” One for crowd , me without a trowel, one more push and i’ll have clean crown! “

  9. HaHa! It looks like he’s taking a dump. And he’s a Prince!

  10. carlos

    Since everybody’s eyes are on the real Prince, William, and his wife and royal baby, Harry can safely take a dump.

  11. “Hey DMX – Stop! Drop! Shut em down, open shop! Oh! Oh! Let the rough riders roll!”

  12. Andrew

    ‘You heard of the Royal ‘We’? Well, the is the Royal ‘Dump’.

    • Andrew

      I meant to say:

      ‘You heard of the Royal ‘We’? Well, this is the Royal ‘Dump”.

      Sorry, I’m really drunk.

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