1. Looks like her own selfies have been sooooooo successful at getting her work, she had to enlist the help of a testosterone loving lesbian.

  2. Even without the hair and clothes, you can tell the guy is gay by the kiss. No man alive kisses a chick with that much sideboob like he’s kissing his sister. Not even if your sister had that much sideboob.

    • His eyes are pinched tight not only to avoid the reality that he’s kissing a girl but to help him resist the urge to clean that toothpaste splattered mirror.

      • Might not be toothpaste. It could be zit pus or even jizz.

        Regardless of whatever the hell it is why wouldn’t a person clean their friggin’ mirror before taking a picture of themselves?

        Nice side boob though. I can’t take that away from her.

      • Jack Ketch

        Even if she’s ugly and her tits are fakers?

  3. I have no idea who Aubrey O’Day is, but why is she kissing that girl with the stubble?

  4. Mohawk Disco

    Later that same evening:
    - Sorry, Aubrey. Didn’t realize your boobs were hanging out. I’ll delete this from Instagram right away.
    - DON’T… YOU… DARE!

  5. sticky-armadillo

    God Damn what does she do spit her tooth paste at the mirror?! Maybe its not tooth paste…

  6. JC

    You can tell someone’s really into it when they choose to take a selfie instead of copping a feel.

  7. donkeylicks

    This one time at band camp, I married my daughter.

  8. Drew

    Behold the power that turned George Michael strait.

  9. bonky

    Who’s the homo ?

  10. Disco Dave

    There’s some vigorous, violent, dare I say hateful teeth brushing going on in that bathroom.

  11. Side boob can never be wrong and will one day bring about world peace…
    Oh and that’s obviously not toothpaste on that mirror…Don’t lie that’s what everyone is thinking…

    • mt

      This is simple; the guy with the IPhone “faking” taking a selfie
      is the boyfriend of the guy actually taking the selfie (look closer!)
      This is a shot, inside of another shot, right?

      Those two “manly” men are responsible for the “soon to be” crust
      on the mirror. Aubrey only paid for a fake kiss, the rest was
      between the men in the room aiming at the mirror.

  12. I’m sure it happens to everybody: when a big-boobed chick is kissing you in the shower, your first thought is “Hey! Let’s take a selfie!”.

  13. Frank and Dennis are going to be so jealous. Especially Dennis.

  14. Johnny Barbells

    …bitch, just do porn and get it over with already, will ya’…

  15. tlmck

    Kelly Ripa just became hot.

  16. Little Tongue

    “Genetic legacy, splattered on a mirror.”

  17. AnnaD.

    She made her sassy gay friend take their picture.

  18. Gotta be honest, I thought that this was a pic of Miley The Chipmunk & her gay assistant doing a selfi to be, “So out there! OMG!”. Now that I know who it is, it’s just a pick of Aubrey The Skank & her gay assistant doing a selfie to be, “So out there! OMG!”. Two completely different things. Thank you,

  19. Andrew

    Isn’t George Michael gay?

  20. Is that a fly strip hanging between them?

  21. “ok bitch, I’ll kiss you once, then you have to let me clean this mess UP!!!”

  22. She’s just been looking so fuckable these days. Biggest turnaround of the year.

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