1. dear Aubrey,

    we don’t give a shit about you. Especially because Kelly Brook.
    But I’m sure this will make Zaloog’s whole year.



  2. Mohawk Disco

    Don’t care if she’s a bitch. Nice ass! Would do!

    Sorry, disregard above message. Didn’t lock my station and my dick got to the keyboard again.

  3. Bonky

    Nothing clever to say here, because this bitch is nothing, but
    fuck she got all hot again. Very fucking hot.

  4. Ronaldo

    I have no idea why she is famous or considered a celebrity, but that is a cool photo of a nice ASS!!

  5. Yes yes I would and twice on Sunday

  6. anonymous

    Interesting how she covers her face in all of these “selfies”.

  7. Dr Paul Van Nostrum

    Like I always say. A bathroom can never have too many garbage cans

  8. Sorry, Aubrey. “Hourglass figure” doesn’t mean the head and ass are the same size.

  9. Would ” Cum Dumpster ” be a bad tramp stamp for her?

  10. What’s with all of the puke cans in the background?

  11. If you’re going to photoshop your ass, at least learn enough about the liquify tool not to skew the straight lines of the tiles on the bathroom floor. Dead giveaway.

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