1. Woody learned his lesson the hard way…never leave your instrument unattended at band camp.

  2. meh. He’s no Ron Burgundy.

  3. dixonblonde

    I call this playing technique, “The Adopted Kid Swallow.”

  4. Mohawk Disco

    Taboo fantasies and guilt. It’s an addictive aphrodisiac.

  5. rican

    Behold the Pied Piper of Pedophilia.

  6. “Woodwind Allen.”

    Ah, but seriously, he fucks his daughter.

  7. Bethany

    The pop up youtube window you allow for Crap Me Missed is crap. Done looking.

  8. tlmck

    What’s the over/under on how many notes he hits before he passes out.

  9. Thats how he’s able to pass a butt log, since his daughter/wife won’t touch his wrinklehusk of an ass.

  10. “…and this was the face Soon-Yi made….”

  11. cc

    Performing his hit ‘No Child Left Behind’

  12. Not shown: the long line of young Asian girls mesmerized by his music.

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