1. It would look more manly if he just took a dive.

  2. so funny it needs no caption.

  3. “Don’t look at my hair!!”

  4. JC

    Ever wonder why Britain lost their empire? Wonder no more.

  5. KC

    That’s pretty much England’s foreign policy in a nutshell.

  6. hahahaha

    This, is the glory of England, see and weep

  7. Ok riddle me this why would be be protecting the side of his face not about to get hit with a ball…..

  8. fred



  10. Son of Flubber

    “Balls to my face! It’s not the first time!”

  11. Vlad

    Someone found Waldo…with a rugby ball

  12. cc

    Ah I see, it’s a co-ed game and Princess Fergie’s daughters just showed up to play.

  13. cory

    Alec Baldwin – “what are you afraid of you cock sucking faggot!”

  14. Please tell me they didn’t see my comb over, please TELL ME!

  15. Little Tongue

    “To think that this head has been through Lady Di’s love hole… Can I smell it, my prince? Please?”

  16. Andrew


  17. Voice of Reisling

    NOT SHOWN: Prince Harry fucking the brains out of a model while killing terrorists and blocking the shot.

  18. WTF he’s more bold than his father !!!

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