1. After two marriages and 3 kids, take a bow princess.

  2. Balls Mcgee

    We’re gonna need a wetsuit over here… and a paper bag… fuck it, just throw the haggard bitch in a sack.

  3. Cock Dr

    Obviously he’d rather get it in the balls than in the face.

  4. That thing used to be a model?

  5. Looking at her from bottom to top; “Ummm… hmmmm… nice. Not bad… ok… lookin’ good for her age… nice… uhhhhh… that face really isn’t the best, but meh – I could see the attraction”

    Now, looking at her from top to bottom, “WTF?! Oh, God!! Why?! WHY?!?!” *Blarrrrrffff!!* {Passes out before looking at her any further down than her neck}

  6. She looks pretty damn good.

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