1. Urbanspaceman

    Since when did altruism include photographs?

  2. “I’m sorry that you’re dying, but HELLO! I’m a celebrity that you’ve never heard of, and I’m bringing you two of the cheapest items I could find at Toys R Us.”

    • seriously, id at least do the research of finding out what these kids can and can’t have(as in types of candy and shit) and just splurge, you’d think it’d make them feel good after spending money on shit and posing but, alas, so many celebs are awful and dont really care.

  3. bonky

    Kid: “Lady, can you cure my cancer ?”

    Marie: “If any of you are filming this, I want that edited out, okay ?”.

  4. So here’s a woman who is bringing gifts and visiting sick kids, and who has (as far as anyone knows) never done a mean spirited thing to anyone in her entire life. But, she’s white, mormon, and so is maybe someone who votes Republican – let the attacks commence! Really, unleash your hate filled small minded baseless attacks on this woman, because how else can the world be inspired by your liberal views of tolerance and progressivism if you don’t unleash hate filled attacks against anyone and everyone who might possibly disagree with your political views, which you have so carefully crafted in your vast 20 some years of experience living sheltered lily white privileged lives all within 10 miles of the place you were born?

    • Yup. I’ll go with that. And she’s still hot.

    • dontkillthemessenger

      STFU you whining baby.

    • oh PLEASE. go wipe your ass! you’ve clearly raged so hard you must have at least left a few skid marks. what site do you really think you’re on?

      your uptight political pea-brain is in a paranoid, disease-like state. you couldn’t be any more ‘typical’ when it comes to your apparent politics. how do people like you with no sense of humor even end up reading a site like this? talk about hate… your little hissy fit looked like it made your fingers hurt while typing.

      • I would’ve liked this if you could have just not lost it so much, you see how OP controlled themselves? That makes it easier to take, when you can’t help but shove all that negative shit into a comment, why should you be taken any more seriously than her? I agree with your points mostly but honestly your comment makes you look like the one having a hissy fit. I think Marie Osmond should’ve fucking bought every damn thing that could fit into that kids room, i mean i cant believe she has the ovaries to pose with such cheap gifts while her outfit probably costs more than everything in that room. it’s all fucked up Jackie

    • Dr Paul Van Nostrum

      Negro please! You don’t know how I or anyone else on here lives. Go back in your hole and watch Fox News.

    • Go fuck yourself, and no one brought up anything political or anything about religion or anything else, you did. You created an issue where there was none.

    • Yeah, because this clearly has to do with religion or politics, and not the fact that some random celebrity is one again using charitable works for free PR.

      This is The Superficial. It could be a photo of a liberal black Buddhist and people would say the same shit if they were having their photo taken to show how philanthropic they are. Do you have ANY idea how many rich/famous people donate MILLIONS to charity, but don’t get ridiculed? I’ll give you a hint – you probably don’t because they do it without press or paps and no one fucking knows unless they take the time to look it up.

    • Johnny Barbells

      …i hope you look back and feel sufficiently stupid …sittin’ over there bubbling over about some imagined outrage …you must be so much fun at holiday gatherings.

    • j/k

      I am not defending this guy’s rant in any way. I do see the point he was trying to make though. You expect shallow and judgmental behavior from conservatives but it’s disappointing to see so called liberals behave that way. Unfortunately this is the internet, where in every corner the motto seems to be “Let’s talk badly about the people who aren’t like us.”

    • Oh for fuck’s sake, EVERYONE gets snarked on in TCWM. It’s the whole fucking *point* of TWCM. So take your incredibly disingenuous outrage somewhere else, schmidtler, because we ain’t buyin’.

    • So… you’ve never been to this site before or looked at any of the other photo captions, have you?

  5. fred

    “What the fuck is this? My agent told me that I would NOT have to talk to them.”

  6. “You couldn’t find one who knows who I am? Just one?”

  7. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    The caption fails to mention the posthumous baptisms she performed, her primary reason for being there.

  8. tlmck

    If she came to visit me, she would not need gifts, just less clothing.

  9. “You’ve heard of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, right?”


    “Well, this is Marty the Mormon Moose, and he’s here to tell you about the special planet we go to when we die!”

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