1. There’s always an Angela Basset in the back saying everything with her eyes.

    Btw, how old is she? Man she still looks fantastic.

  2. Jill Ess

    So are you trying to tell me that the dude in the blue suit jacket is Samuel L. Jackson? Cuz that’s just crazy talk.

  3. Plurp

    Resist we much.

  4. Deacon Jones

    “And over there, are these things call hand tools. That one’s called a shovel”

  5. it had to be said

    “Here is the cab stand. Empty of course. Stop laughing, Angela.”

  6. Shae

    That’s a microphone, Angela.

  7. Does anybody know what Al Sharpton does for a living? I mean besides go to parties and bitch about shit?

    • He’s a Reverend, so I assume he does the same thing every reverend does. what I’m not clear on is who it is that pays them to rape young boys.

    • Venom

      I kind of like Al even though he is unscrupulous. He is entertaining.
      To answer your question, his job is to shake down companies for millions of dollars by threatening to boycott and picket them. By all accounts it pays very well.

      • Jon and Kate plus Hate

        he also does well at not paying his taxes while lecturing us on why we should pay more on taxes….

      • bassackward

        The man is an ignorant racist!
        If he is a true reverand:
        a) it’s for Reverand Wright’s church
        b) I’m a prophet
        Right now, he’s just another Libtard mouthpiece for MSNBC, a.k.a. the Obama re-election network.

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Someone just asked them what they think of Kwanzaa

  9. “Rough anal sex makes Angela scream out Christmas carols. C’mon, everyone join in…”

  10. Joe Blow

    Al: Uh, Angela, we have a toilet for that right over here.

  11. Debutante

    WTF happened to Samuel L. Jackson ??? Doesn’t look anything like him ! New, Big, extra-white fake teeth, an extra 30 pounds, HAIR !

  12. Swearin

    Honestly, I thought that was Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson

  13. Someone snuck in an SLJ impersonator,

  14. cc

    Angela Basset does her Kim K impression.

  15. bassackward

    Actually, is just that Al Sharpton is so fucking stupid, he doesn’t realize he’s snuggled up to the new wax figure of Samuel L. Jackson, and Angela Bassett is laughing so hard, she bent over and shit herself!

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