1. Throjo

    He’s out gathering clues as to who killed his career. Alas, the trail ends in front of a mirror.

    • King Diamond

      Lol. Career? Who is this tool?

      Guns & Roses broke up ages ago. He was there to see that arrogant prick Axl and his cover band.

  2. The most pathetic thing about this photo was the fact that someone claiming to be “G n R” staged a concert… and then this idiot showed up.

  3. Johnny P!

    You should see the death-metal Tee, studded belt, spiked leather jacket and biker boots he wears to Sade concerts.

  4. Big pimpin’ never looked so hipster.

  5. duh duh dun dun….Inspector Gadget….

  6. bethy

    I like how he makes his boyfriend walk 5 feet behind him like Kate Hudson does.

  7. “Go, go Gadget camera…’

  8. Is that trench coat made out of crushed velvet? Doesn’t matter the dude is a douche anyway.

  9. squishy

    He wore that to a Guns N’ Roses concert??? Weirdo!

  10. Debutante

    What is this guy’s DEAL ??????

    • Jam

      He’s the King of All Douchebags, that’s all. When my kid asks me what’s the meaning of a douchebag, I show various photos of Leto.

  11. eatme

    i fucking hate this douche and his ultra lame emo shit

  12. Robyn

    Why do people still take his picture?

  13. He look! It’s Detective Pedophile in search of 16 year old girls!

  14. Great White Pygmy

    Where in the monochromatic world is Carmen San D Douchebag

  15. icu

    Jordan Catalono San Diego

  16. MoonBeam

    I’d hit it. So hard he cries and begs for mercy.

  17. He’s trying to find out who framed Roger Rabbit.

  18. cc

    The only way he could look less bad-ass is if he was wearing ballerina slippers.

  19. Larry Jones

    What is it with all of you West Coasters wearing big heavy coats, scarves and hats? I thought it never gets below 60 degrees there. What the hell is going on?

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