1. This is just nasty!

  2. So where’s Jesse James?

  3. A girl covered in tattoos is the second sexxxiest thing in the world. The first sexxiest thing? It’s a tie between everything else!

  4. Her stomach tattoo almost seems to be a warning to all those foolish enough to try going down on her.

  5. “You want to kiss the skeleton?”

  6. Her and Rihanna on the same small island? Two skanks enter, one skank leaves.

  7. The only thing that would make this woman look better would be if she got a strategically-placed tattoo.

  8. That’s some Dark Crystal shit right there.

  9. Why would you want to get a tattoo that looks like a 70′s bush with wings?

  10. betty

    love the clown hair too. so elegant and sophisticated…

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