1. tlmck

    Heavy Rider.

  2. bigalkie

    Wow..He smokes too. What a dreamboat.

  3. Nando

    Jeez, a bike with that good a suspension and upholstery that can withstand the most terribly rancid ball sweat? Perfect for the coming apocalypse. I’ll take two!

  4. “One would seenk zat a helmet of zis calibur would include a plastique fazemazk to keep ze weend out of one’s eyez…”

  5. Silky Johnson

    Fitting that his mouth looks like an anus when you consider all the shit that comes out of there…

  6. ♫ ♪ “Get your motor running…head out of the high-way…” ♫ ♪

  7. sweatbag

    there’s a trail of piss all the way down the road

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