1. She’s trying to see where her career went.

  2. tidbit

    There best be some of them dang ‘ol chicken wings over there left for me!

  3. quix

    Remember when everybody used to think she was hot? I never understood, not even back when she had an ass you could bounce a quarter off of.

  4. allspilt

    I can see my dignity, running away quickly

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    This is the best Sally Struthers has looked in years.

  6. “Hey y’all, has anybody seen muh neck?”

  7. She looks rather sane. Maybe LeAnn Rimes’ performance was a sort of ‘scared straight’ for Bertney.

  8. “Galldang, y’all. You can see Arby’s from here.”

  9. Someone tell her they aren’t casting for Jabba The Hutt in Star Wars Episode VII

  10. Yes!
    Just in time for Christmas…
    The Britney Spears CuCkoo clock!

  11. Cock Dr

    Apparently there is lots of sick money to be made on the dark side of fame.

  12. karlito

    she reminds of the women in the original Total Recall. when questioned about on how long she plans top spend time on Mars she responds …”twoo weeeeks”..”.twwooo weeeeks” before her head starts to come apart.

  13. Sandoucheky

    The more people want to get their comments in the “Most Important People” post, the lamer their comments get

  14. Mohambi Johnson

    I spy… Rebel Wilson!

  15. Loonie Jane

    And the crazy runs from here all the way down to ma toes.

  16. Phoenix

    Mmm…flabby arms…

  17. bigalkie

    It’s nice when The Superficial recognizes average 50 year old housewives from middle America. Merry Christmas.

  18. Skeeter

    I’d sit on her face.

  19. Shawn F.

    can she ever look good in two consecutive photos?

  20. She’s looking for her third chin.

  21. It’s official…looking at this photo leaves one to the unmistakable conclusion that Britney is looking like shit! What the fuck happened?

  22. Bam

    It’s good to see Rebel Wilson getting so much work nowadays, she really deserves it.

  23. KB

    Why don’t they make Spanx for faces?

  24. betty

    yikes, looks like she borrowed miss piggy’s wig. these chicks need to stop it already with the fake hair. it looks so outdated.

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