1. She looks pretty comfortable living a (relatively) normal life after giving up her life with Tom Cruise.

  2. Waddle waddle. Waddle waddle waddle.

  3. Is she trying to cut off all the circulation to her legs? Does that help with something?

  4. Look at yourself, lady

    So apparently Tom got all the mirrors from their mansions in the divorce deal, huh? Huh. Too bad.

  5. *sigh* “When I see Christmas elves, I think of Tom.”

  6. Nando

    Katie is starring in the remake of DRESSED TO KILL? I can help her – it’s Michael Caine, he’s right behind you – duck!!

  7. Eating helps the pain go away.

  8. Xenu has abandoned someone, hasn’t he?

  9. Sad Katie is…….sad.

  10. Later

    On the next episode of The Walking Dead…..

  11. She needs To go back to Scientology, she looks horrible.

  12. Inky Black

    You know, I’ve always had a soft spot for Katie, though now it looks like she may have several of her own.

  13. betty

    what’s with the elephant knee? strange material…

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