1. May Johner

    A solid meal!!

  2. James Marshall

    rather cold and pointless , isn’t , Love ?

  3. Poor hand technique, but the open mouthed willingness would probably make up for it.

  4. That’s right. Take the whole thing.

  5. She appears to have a lot of practice

  6. joe

    Practicing for the black microphone exam at Kamp Kartrashian.

  7. anonym

    I could photoshop a dick on that

  8. pipedreamer

    Wow! Where does the time go? Is it already Orientation Day at the Kardashian Academy?!

  9. Number 2

    Fish, could you please restore the links so that when I click on the picture it advances to the next photo; the new ‘next’ link is small and a uh difficult target with my left hand…

    Thanks a bunch.

  10. “Imma let you finish!” -Kanye

  11. Motorboat Captain


  12. Nando

    Yes, it’s the new Louge Log, a diet aid made from strawberry flavored plastic that shoots through your body undigested, yet making you feel full for hours!

  13. I haven’t been overly impressed with this gal up till now, but this photo shows just how gorgeous she really is. Great lungs, too!

  14. Phaid

    Having a gag reflex is highly overrated.

  15. tiarra

    Did she attend the Tara Reid class on ab reduction?

  16. Best “Mommy & Me” swim class, EVER!

  17. Hmm, Jennifer Garner’s head and Tara Reid’s stomach? I should have taken ‘truth’

  18. DaKine

    is that a meat popsicle?

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