1. tidbit

    I see filthy things in that decanter’s future.

  2. Looks like all three guests were able to make it into one picture together.

  3. Black guy’s got the best view in the house.

  4. Okay, now you are just giving it away.

  5. Nando

    Oh aye, she’s gut a turtlehead pewking out. And it’s a wee black man, must have lost his watch in there!

  6. She’s not my cup of tea. Spent too many years fucking and sucking Jose’s bat.

  7. betty

    oh brother. these silly women are all the same. disgraceful, unoriginal and boring. it’s all: look at me! look at me! I am the most beautiful girl in the world…. yawn. but I have to say, I just love all of the black guys in the backgrounds of these pictures. it’s hilarious and very entertaining! how are they everywhere?

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