1. Adam Frawley

    J Plow,wow !

  2. I really dig her surgeon. I always thought he did a good job with these.

  3. I like everything from the neck down.

  4. See my comment 4 pages back.

  5. Cock Dr

    She’s like “Yup, here’s my boobs…best investment I ever made”.

  6. She always looks so supremely derpy.

  7. At first I just thought “Ha! Look at her wonk eye!” But then I went and hid under the bed after realizing that she has two faces. TWO FACES!! As in two completely different things are going on, on opposite sides of her head! Just in case you you weren’t following…

  8. This poor woman is SOooo fucking high maintenance…and now she wants me to take her back. I keep telling her “NO” but she comes back again and again…

  9. Trauma Queen

    If look closely, her face is quietly Paltrowing.

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