1. “Mister Affleck, the Chairman asked you a direct question. How *do* you justify Daredevil?”

  2. “Sir, we are aware of your movies and alleged acting skills. We are still quite uncertain what about this makes you qualified to address this august committee. No, we do not have Jason Bourne on speed dial and how hot your wife is doesn’t really pertai….”

    “I banged Blake Lively”

    “The Chair would like to recognize Mister Affleck as an expert in Foreign Relations.”

  3. Chris

    Wait…I’m sorry…why are the people we employ to handle the critical functions of our government talking to an actor about the political situation in Rwanda? Just what goddamn qualifications does Ben Affleck have that we need him spouting off in the goddamn Capital building??? GODDAMN!

    • “The founder of the Eastern Congo Initiative, an advocacy and grant-making organization committed to peaceful solutions in the war-torn African nation, Affleck appeared on a panel with academic experts and government officials to address what the United States might do to help the country of some 68 million people.
      “At the end of his testimony, Affleck fielded questions, showing a deep knowledge of the country and its history. [Committee chair Rep. Buck] McKeon said that he was wholly unfamiliar with the nation’s troubles, telling Affleck and his fellow panelists. ‘I frankly knew nothing about the Congo other than what I learned today,’ the chairman said.” – Los Angeles Times

      Sounds like he knows a little something about the issue, and certainly more than someone who thinks the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda are the same place.

      • THHH-wackkk! Bull’s eye, Tom!

      • Chris

        Actually I know precisely where Rwand and the DRC are and I know about Ben’s little video PSA that makes it seem like it’s a good thing that Kgame is sending troops into the DRC (like he hasn’t been doing this for awhile). The problems in the area of Rwanda/DRC/Uganda are extremely complex going back through the Rwandan genocide and all the way back to Belgain colonization and King Leopold. If you think Ben’s opinion about the area isn’t influenced by his friendship with Kgame and that Rwanda never came up in this discussion then you don’t understand the issue. So, I do know a thing or two about this whole mess. I’m sure I coul give ole Ben a run for his money and yet I still find neither of us worthy of speaking to Congress about the issue.

  4. Cock Dr

    He’s contemplating a political career.
    Don’t laugh too hard…remember Reagan.

    • I’ve seen Ben Affleck several times on Bill Maher’s program and he is incredibly bright and surprisingly articulate. I think he would do very well in politics.

  5. “Smitty, what the hell are gonna do about our approval rating? It’s less than 23 months to the mid-terms and we’ll all be unemployed with no welfare system”.

    “I know, Buck. Our embassies look like Swiss cheese to terrorists, this fiscal cliff pissing context is gonna plunge the world into another recession, lunatics are gunning down schoolkids while we suckle at the NRA teat … no wonder the public hates all of us.”

    “Wait a minute! What if we found someone who’s an even bigger asshole than any of us? Get him on TV in front of our committee and we’ll look golden by comparison!”

  6. jd

    Entertainers. They know EVERYTHING.

  7. He graduated from the Wikipedia school of Foreign Affairs.

  8. Lady in the back: “Can someone please tell Ben Affleck that he is in my seat?”

  9. Nando

    Looks like someone’s having sex in an uncomfortable place.

  10. *I’ll give them my best ‘serious thinker-guy’ look. Awwww, yeah, let them try to resist this shit!*

  11. betty

    why the long face you douche bag?

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