1. Looks more like she’s at ex-LAX.

  2. Mohawk Disco

    I always said she was gonna get fat but now it’s upon us!

  3. “Wink wink, he is locked up in the basement. I chained him up real good”

  4. She’s average.

  5. She’s turning into Marlon Brando.

  6. cc

    Yup, she’s the highlight of that show alright

  7. It’s Hitlary, the future president of the USSA.

  8. she’s so has been, the photographer didn’t bother to get out of his car

  9. “Wow! You are a huge star!”
    “Thanks, but I’m not that famous.”
    “Sorry. I meant to say that you are a fat actress. My english is not that good.”

  10. “the doctor put this on me so I wouldn’t scratch the wound.”

  11. doogleberg

    Damn…she looks like Todd Rundgren.

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