1. Who was president the last time Kurt Russell gave a fuck? Carter? Reagan?

  2. anonymous

    Only in Hollywood do you wear spotless ranchhand workclothes.

  3. Worth tens of millions of dollars, hanging out in Aspen, probably going back to their $14 million house and he is wearing a Carhartt coat and cowboy hat like he is some salt of the earth rancher? Is his career that bad he is auditioning for some sort of shitty Duck Dynasty spinoff?

  4. The Strongest Man In The World is wearing designer clothes by Carhartt. Very nice.

  5. They’ve been together since I was six years old. All the power to them.

  6. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell on the set of Murder She Wrote.

  7. I smell a McCloud reboot! Yes, I’m that old.

  8. The Pope

    First goddamn week of winter.

  9. Jinks

    What do you guys want him to wear? A Tux ? They’re in Aspen, and you know what…it snows there, just look at the ground…snow,see snow.

    • I live in a state with snow lots of snow, never had to wear Carhartt in my life. What snow are you talking about anyway, they are walking on perfectly clear, probably heated sidewalk of the equivalent of Rodeo Drive in Aspen where they will get into their Range Rover that is valet parked. I am down in Texas right now, the fuckers that wear this kind of shit do it because they need to for work and they are dirty, dusty and muddy as fuck, no pretenders.

  10. Kurt Russell strikes me as a dudes dude, he probably hasn’t changed one bit. He gets a pass on the chic Blue Collar getup.

  11. Kurt Russell could wear a Canadian Tuxedo and still be a badass

  12. Robb7

    You gotta give these old guys credit for hanging together all these years — especially in Hollywood!

  13. After all these years, this is still my favorite scene from Dumb and Dumber.

  14. “This is gonna take crackerjack timing, Hawn.”

  15. Don’t forget about that minor league hockey team they own that sucks troll balls.

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