1. yourmom

    Well, fuck… no wonder.

  2. Now, it allllll makes sense.

  3. Mohawk Disco

    So, the father was another woman?

  4. Cock Dr

    Apparently the apple didn’t fall far from the fame avarice tree.

  5. JW

    It’s the lost Kardashian sister. They all thought Kloe ate her, but now it all makes sense.

  6. Jesus would definitely not approve of that dress.

  7. *memorizes her face, loads pistol*
    To the time machine!

  8. I wouldn’t be smiling like that if my son was Justin Beiber.

  9. JimBB

    Every time I see my son perform, it makes me so glad I didn’t make that guy at the truck stop use a condom in the back of that ’89 Camaro.

  10. AnnaD.

    How old was she when she birthed that insufferable lil’ bitch? 15?

  11. Will someone do a ZERO Dark Thirty on her and have her explain WHY she had that little fudge pusher?

  12. How does a woman with a man-face give birth to a lesbian boy?

  13. Frosty the Blowman

    Is there such a thing as a post partum abortion?

  14. suck it

    Total butterface.

  15. Justin is still the prettiest of them all

  16. Schadenfreude

    The vagina that launched a thousand douche bags.

  17. fred

    “Alright boys, who wants to get into my bieber maker tonight?!”

  18. Robb7

    Nah, too slim and a natural beauty to be a Kardashian.

  19. Damn. If it wasn’t for the haunted womb, I’d nail that.

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