1. Dude

    wtf is wrong with her chest??

  2. Son of Flubber

    All of a sudden, I’m hungry for some pancakes.

  3. I think her chest has been airbrushed. And I don’t mean the picture.

  4. Because the American flag of course is meant to be worn as a douche scarf.

  5. She looks great.

  6. JimBB

    I don’t know who that girl is, but I really like her shirt.

  7. waynemoores

    She’s really not that bad looking so why do his eyes look absolutely dead?

  8. Frosty the Blowman

    Look, it;s Joe Mangan Holy Shit!

  9. The question that needs to be asked is “Why is there a painting of Kerstie Alley on the wall?”

  10. put that shit away/cover it up

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