1. JC

    “Get to duh bronzer!”

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr and Mrs Melanoma 2014!

  3. You know Arnold, tried or did, hit that.

  4. tito

    someone turned up the a/c at madame tussaud’s.

  5. Mohawk Disco

    Photo Boy is just messing with us. This is really a Madame Tussauds exhibit, right?

  6. because nothing says “fitness” like plastic surgery, fake tan, and a compression dress.

  7. Damn, they’re shiny.

  8. JimBB

    They just came from their monthly bronze dipping

  9. Codot

    Nice tits. Darcy’s are alright too, I guess.

  10. richie

    both had been basted in butter in a shallow baking pan at 350 degrees for 35 minutes.

  11. They’re so dark, the cops stopped them twice and checked their immigration status.

  12. Odbarc

    Photographed by JJ Abrams. The lens flare all over their faces.

  13. journalschism

    So do cosmetic surgeons just staple this pic to mortgage applications or what?

  14. Schadenfreude

    He thinking “EEF I slip her da roofees den she von’t haff ‘Total Recall’ laytah’.

  15. Arnold: “You know – dat makeup makes you look like a cahdbohd cuhtauht.”

    “Darcy:” ….

  16. Huh… that housekeeper cleans up pretty nice.

  17. Begin the de-raisining of Arnold Shwarzenegger… *pulls lever*

  18. Ronaldo

    Bad plastic surgery for Arnold. Looks Asian now. Why do they do stupid shit like that?

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