1. I'mCool

    Bob Marley and Haile Selassie spoke to me in a dream and asked me to cut off this fucker’s feet.

  2. Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith were in the same room and God didn’t smite that shit? He’s making it hard as fuck to believe in him.

  3. “And a cackling douche in a pear tree!”

  4. Mohawk Disco

    Jada, we fucked up. We really fucked up this one. – Will Smith

  5. They always dress so pooooooor

  6. Son of Flubber

    If Rob and Fab, from Milli Vanili, had a baby…


  8. anonymous

    I wonder how much they had to pay extra to get him to dress like a normal kid. No Iron Man costume, two different shoes, diaper pants, manpurse with Japanese anime….etc….

  9. I believe that he is probably gay although gay men usually can dress so that theory is probably wrong. Will Smith makes $20 million a movie, he can’t hire a fucking stylist for this kid?

  10. Rubik's Doob

    This one’s titled “Shamalama ding dong” so hit it!

  11. Looks like he still chooses his own clothes.

  12. donkeylicks

    “I’m sorry Jaden but Spider-Man is white! That’s historically verifiable.”
    “What about Ultimate Spider-Man?”

    • Drew Peacock

      “yes yes Jaden, we are well aware of Ultimate Spiderman, and that role will go to Donald Glover but, If they ever decide to reboot the reboot and make him black again…that role will go to Michael B. Jordan or Tyler James Williams or Macauley Culkin in black face, fuck even Gabourey Sidibe!”

  13. Monsignor Nelson

    Word search:
    FAP (right-to-left below left shoulder)
    FAP (right-to-left left midriff)
    FAP (right-to-left near hem above left leg)
    CUM (downwards right of chin)

  14. fred

    It’s the thumb hole in the sleeves that really makes the outfit.

  15. The Pope

    And the winner for most triangular shaped head is…

  16. Is he wearing a fucking skirt?

  17. BbyBluThghHghs

    I can never tell if it’s the boy or the girl.

  18. Codot

    Alright kid, you’re never gonna be your dad. Just… stop.

  19. cc

    They really knocked themselves out on those Christmas trees.

  20. Still alive, eh? That’s a shame.

  21. He went to florida to get his superpowers, but all he got from the C0$ was a dress that Tom Cruise wore.

  22. CtF

    His eyebrows are migrating North for the winter. Imagine the previous sentence in Richard Attenborough’s voice.

  23. icu

    What a dil-hole.

  24. limeseeds

    You mean Willow. The daughter’s name is Willow.

  25. As soon as he walked out on stage, everyone started to throw rocks.

  26. With Jaden you always go full retard

  27. Mista Snazzy

    The Douche is strong in this one!!!!

  28. He can rocket-fart glitter now? Xenu has the upper hand! Xenu has the upper hand!

  29. martina

    “For breakfast he eats Fruit Loops from a toilet bowl,
    he is … the lowest IQ person in any room he’s in.
    Stay thirsty my friend.”

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