1. Poop emergency in progress

  2. Just let it out Jennifer. You have the proper flatulent escape clothing on.

  3. son of Flubber

    Is she still just Jenny on my cock?

  4. Did she get implants?

  5. So sick of this woman. Go away and never come back.

  6. anonym

    picture screams CUNT

  7. fred

    Jennifer Lopez, pictured prior to jamming her 4 inch heel into the eye of her assistant for getting her a tall latte instead of a grande.

  8. ruckus

    I wanna see a show about this kid from Bel Air who gets moved to West Philly.

  9. cc

    She just spotted a handsome 13 year old boy.

  10. Brad

    She carried twin babies
    She gave birth to them
    She worked hard to get back to performer shape
    You wish you looked this good at 44 years old………..
    …look at those legs!

  11. Robb7

    Nothing says Feliz Navidad like a splotchy spray tan!

  12. “Right, so I untie this, I deflate. Okay, got it. No with the untying.”

  13. Skeeter

    She’s not what she once was and it seems like she’s not a very nice person but I would still like to tongue and bang her 44 year old anus.

  14. maoix

    Do they do a “who wore it better?” for industrial-strength girdles? She would definitely beat Kardashian.

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