1. Apparently moochers have their own sign language..

  2. Now watch him piss on her and make millions.

  3. Hey, how come I didn’t get invited to the Duracell Holiday Insurance Program and Obsequious Asshole convention too?

  4. The Where’s Waldo version of Benji Madden.

  5. Swearin

    Nothing says street cred like moving in with your half-sister and her husband so you can be on their reality show to avoid law school for a little longer

  6. SFfan

    The shaka is not a gang sign!

  7. Contusion

    “Hey Rob, look white!”

  8. Venom

    I would love to beat this jackass over the head with a hammer.

  9. The Most Interesting

    Note to Duracell: Unless you’re doing us a favor and electrocuting him, the douche shouldn’t be placed near a battery.

  10. Yeah um, Duracell is no longer trusted everywhere.

  11. cc

    Energizer execs add extra rum to their eggnog in celebration.

  12. Steelerchick

    What a twat !!

  13. “If you can hit from 3 point range I’ll blow you in a cab”.

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