1. Yo, Paulie Walnuts. S’up?

  2. Tony Bennett got a facelift.

  3. Frank the Duck

    He forgot his teeth…. unnless he is “headed” to the steam bath with Travolta…

  4. farting old man's wife

    A O O A yo Angela, look someone is taking my pictcha!

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Jack Frost at the launch of Winter in New York City

  6. little turtle head


  7. Johnny P!

    Who the fuck invited Tony Danza to this premiere?

  8. Charlie Hodge

    We don’t care if you think you can do an awesome DeNiro impression, we’re not letting you back into Hollywood.

  9. Clairol

    He needs more hair color, and then he might be do-able.

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    I was sorry to hear about his disease.

    Wait, there’s nothing wrong with him?

  11. tlmck

    Full moon?

  12. He’s finally come out of hiding ever since the world found out that Tony saw Angela naked.

  13. cc

    He’s morphing into a raccoon, which strikes me as odd.

  14. Let the haircut go, Tony… Just let it go…

  15. Steelerchick

    Don’tcha love da hair??

  16. He looks like a Skunk.

  17. your mom

    whoa. was he invited, or did he win tickets off the radio?

  18. PowerMuff

    At first I thought this was a photo from Lindsay Lohan’s latest morgue community service trip.

  19. lori

    How is the Count doing this evening?

  20. Amy

    Al Pachino?

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