1. Just think, Joel Madden got there first.

  2. So they don’t make pregnancy clothes that conceal all that anymore?

  3. farting old man's wife

    That is the first pic that I have seen where she actually looks pregnant! No Eric, they quit making motherly, modest maternity clothes in the 90′s!

  4. Still not as bad as a non-prego Jessica Simpson.

  5. Lynx

    I’d still… you know.

  6. You know who I blame for this? Demi Moore and her goddamned Vogue cover.

  7. Violet

    Are we just not doing ‘up the duff’ puns anymore?

  8. cc

    Note to Jessica Simpson…pregnancy does not lead directly to a 75 pound weight gain.

  9. PowerMuff

    This photo screams “F*ck you beyonce and all your money/connections that allow you to pay someone to carry your alleged child for you”

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