1. “Hey, anyone want to see an elephant?”

  2. So I guess he and Hillary are dressing alike now?

  3. “While I’m here in London, I’ll need the services of an intern. Do you have one named Pippa? Also, I’ll need some new cigars.”

  4. Snack pack

    “Where da white women at?”

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “That’s a hell of an act,” says the agent, “What do you call it?”

    And the man says, “Mr. President!”

  6. Cock Dr

    Bless his big shiny Rudolph nose.

  7. pdan

    Given his propensity for staining things, khaki may not have been the wisest choice.

  8. Contusion

    Interesting that he’s matching his shirt to his nose.

  9. “Hey, who wants to kiss a bunny between the ears?”, he said, before pulling his pockets inside-out.

  10. Expert on Everything

    Still hot!

  11. Jam

    That’s a playa if I ever saw one. :-D

    Smartest prez in a while, too

  12. cc

    All he needs to go with that outfit is a red nose that he can honk.

  13. He needs to lay off the taint scented cigars.

  14. Behold, the Orville Redenbacher of pussy.

  15. Steelerchick

    Brandy Nose is looking for some…. Brandy.

  16. me

    ohhh thes Rudolf the red nose rein deer! he had a very shiny nose you know….

  17. PowerMuff

    Looking at this picture, you never would have guessed that Michael Douglas had cancer…”

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