1. Frank Burns

    “No, I”m not calling myself ‘The Mulatto Miley Cyrus’! Why do people keep saying that?”

  2. Sheppy

    Cross between Miley and Jordan.

  3. I’m generally not attracted to women with aftermarket tits, but I believe in her case I’d make an exception! There’s a look in her eyes that says, “I really liked fucking you. Let’s do it some more.”

  4. Cock Dr

    Is she famous or does she just wanna be?

  5. Kitty

    There is lots of work there….

  6. Contusion

    Amy Stepford

  7. timmy the dying boy

    The lights are on, but there’s nobody home.

  8. spartacus

    TOWIE girl made good

  9. cc

    She has ‘I am working as a stripper to pay for my Masters in Psychology’ vibe. (That joke will mean more to guys familiar with Canadian striptease establishments.)

  10. Lynn

    I bet her skin is so stretched around her bags of silicone for having them done THAT big. I mean, she has a banging body but come on there is NO naturalness about this. Seems like she went to the Mcdonald’s Clinic of plastic surgery. “I’ll have a #1 and please supersize it.” Having boobs down that big is only good for 1 thing, a good titty f’ing. But imagine her as a 60 year old woman having those tits later on. Ridiculous.

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