1. So the only thing in that room one could legitimately Sharpie is in his hand.

    • eric

      So the only thing in that room one could legitimately call a Sharpie is in his hand.

      Fuck me. Blew it.

      • Trek Girl

        I’m going to be honest with you; I don’t understand what you mean, even after the corrections. Care to explain?

      • notrollhere

        In other words, hes not the sharpest tool in hollywood. and there are a lot of tools in hollywood.

  2. it had to be said

    Looks like he’s chasing people to try to give them an autograph.

    “No thanks, Mr. McGuire. I’m good. Wait, who?”

  3. Swearin

    “Now, I’m told that you have something called “knockers” and that I should sign my name on them, right?”

  4. (“Please, someone come ask me for my autograph…just anyone…God, PLEASE send someone…anyone…my way to get an autograph…I’ll even sign a blank check…”)

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “Nothing personal and I know we’re going to have a really good time but my agent says I have to check anything over a twenty.”

  6. Johnny P!

    “Sure, I’ll sign your tits. But unlike Mr. Cruise, I’ll have to look while I’m signing. Signing VERY slowly. With an excerpt from my favorite poem included. In calligraphy. And draw Celtic knot-work around your nipples…”

  7. cc

    Nice suit…he should get in touch with Bieber and tell him what to wear for a formal occasion.

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