1. YAAR

    Why is he still invited to things? Does he even work?

  2. I bet this guy spits nails every time Johnny Depp’s name is mentioned.

  3. EricLr

    Looks like Rick Springfield is about to go shoot up his high school.

  4. Tidbit

    Ohhhh…It says in this history book that he once had a glimmer of a career.

  5. cc

    Cheaters hasn’t been the same since he left.

  6. kravdan

    Greico Suave! AARP model…

  7. meeps!

    He would go to the opening of an envelope.
    Don’t forget to tip your waiter…

  8. Jamriqua

    hehehe! I totally snuck past security guys!

  9. HAHA…Jokes on you, cuz you actually know who this is. >

  10. He went to the opening of a book.

  11. “Hey, Grieco…yeah you, ya dumb fuck. Your agent said to wait around back and he’ll sneak you in thru the rear exit.”

  12. gregsuarez

    I heard a consortium of sharecroppers leased his upper lip.

  13. He plays the neighbor, Craig, who is on the Sexual Offender Registry.

  14. Arlene

    More like “This Is Sixty”.

  15. Timothy

    Grieco! Back behind the counter! The popcorn isn’t going to sell itself!

  16. Five minutes later he was arrested for flashing.

  17. Ed

    stupid people writing bullshit. Get a life people

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