1. I thought this was the result of one of those “make you fat” apps on Anne Hathaway.

  2. scotta

    Well if she’s facing North, at least we know which way East and West are.

  3. EricLr

    Somewhere there is a lesbian biker bar missing its bartender.

  4. Moo Cow Hunter

    I feel so sorry for the girl on the poster behind her.

  5. cc

    This is 20 but it looks like 40.

  6. Woohoo, Nipples! What? What’d I say?

  7. claire

    I don’t understand… does she try to make herself look awful on purpose? She has enough money to get a personal trainer, chef and stylist

  8. meeps!

    She looks like she’s smuggling a couple Hershey’s Kisses into the theater…

  9. Unfortunate dress is unfortunate.

  10. This will teach them to read from the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis (the Book of the Dead)

  11. MFer

    She looks pleasant to be around.

  12. Watch for her in her next feature film, “This is Pathetic.”

  13. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Another classic example of tatts making for a better looking woman.

  14. An out of shape, pudgy mess.

  15. Plurp

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Glamour’s Woman of the Year!

  16. HotDonna

    I don’t care what she looks like- her self produced show (that she stars in) is fucking hilarious! I love this girl!

  17. Sir Sharts-a-lot

    Who is this dude? Eddie Izzard Jr., that’s who.

  18. At least we know what happened to Michael Cera.

  19. Oh, I get it…she’s a good dancer, right?

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