1. jorge

    not pictured Jon Hamm’s cock and balls

  2. If Hamm was retarded, pretty sure this is what he would look like…

  3. EricLr

    Yeah, that’s my reaction every time I hear he’s still around.

  4. catapostrophe

    Not pictured: 572 more of Jason Segel’s moles and skin tags.

  5. Tidbit

    Textbook example Lohan Ass and Mouth disease.

  6. cc

    A remake? Of 48 Hours? Wohooo, just what I’ve been waiting for.

  7. Did somebody say Kim Kardashian walking TOWARDS me?

  8. flaT

    I hate him with all my being.

  9. Vlad


  10. Cold Turkey

    John Mayer with new haircut?

  11. “If you do one more season of “How I Met Your Mother” We’ll Pay you…

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