1. He really needs to work on his Gangnam Style.

  2. DiegoAD

    “Why yes I have been with Lindsay Lohan in the past…why do you ask?”

  3. Icehawg

    “Swear to God you guys; Hamm’s was down to here. I was standing beside him at the urinal, he said ‘Water’s cold today huh?’. Seriously! What the fuck do I say to that?”

  4. EricLr

    Yeah, it’s funny. But seriously, you probably do need to see a doctor about that, man.

  5. Kind of starting to see where those turn of the century newspaper caricatures of the Irish were coming from… Does anyone know if Colin Farrell has access to a time machine?

  6. “So Hamm says, ‘Don’t be shy about it—just switch it to the other side!’”

  7. cc

    Let me tell ya how humid it was…

  8. “You Hasidic Jews are too much – You call that a kick in the nuts? My sister kicks harder than that!”

  9. I’m not really sure if I want to know what this conversation is actually about.

  10. “Ha ha. And then I shoved the vodka soaked tampon in like this! It were incredible!”

  11. “So then I says, “Whatta you two bums doin’ standin’ around?” And I poked Curly in the eyes with my fingers. But then Larry put his hand in front of his face and blocked me from poking his eyes, so I had to pull out a huge hunk of his hair!”

  12. Moe in the Stooge re-reboot.

  13. It burns like hell RIGHT HERE!

  14. KtothaJ

    I’ve seen it! Jon Hamm’s schlong is literally this big.

  15. bamf

    Do you balls hang low
    Do they wobble in the snow
    Can you tie em in a knot
    Can you tie em in a bow
    Do you get that itchy feeling when you scratch em on the ceiling
    Do your balls hang low..

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