1. jorge

    those udders need a milking

  2. Cock Dr

    Her brisket looks bigger.

  3. As much of a figurative and literal whore that she is, the boob man in me still yearns to motorboat those things till death…

  4. Moo Cow Hunter

    Her body proportions are out of this world. But if she was a cartoon character she’d be soo hot.

  5. Is that called a “mudflap” or a “splash guard”? I don’t know much about skirt design.

  6. Tidbit

    This is the only pic of her on here that I’ve stopped to look at. That lumpy fat lady ass is horrendous and I skip past

    But these fat lady tits? THESE work just fine!

  7. cc

    Don’t worry, I am setting off that command detonated device with midnight Dec 31st. Smart, huh?

  8. Hugh Gentry

    vapid creature, amazing tits.

  9. …And the duck goes quack, and the cow goes…mooooo!

  10. Nina

    Can we all stop pretending that Kik K isn’t hot? He tits are f*cking amazing. Most women would kill for that figure.

  11. nandis

    it’s very expensive to look this cheap…

  12. anonym

    that face……..
    will not age well


    thought bubble: I wonder if I’m going to end up like Jennifer Love Hewitt in another 5 years…

  14. Hey, Kim, you need to hustle your ass home. Those two turkeys are done.

  15. Global warming, my ass! Her nipples are telling me it’s cold right now in Miami!

  16. I just realized, I really cant stand seeing this bitch prance around trying desperately to remain in the news, but it’s going to ALL be worth it in less than a decade.

    As she approaches 40 and all the body parts start aging at different decomp rates, she goes to hell while trying to make up for it with surgery, she will have to watch a new set of bimbos in the spotlight. It will be the perfect comeuppance for someone so vain.

    We WILL have our revenge.

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