1. jorge

    cockcatcher was misspelled as foxcatcher in the description of this photo

  2. “Come on Channing…. LOOK!!! I call it little hulk! Get it???”

  3. EricLr

    Nothing to see here. Just two perfectly heterosexual men wrestling…

  4. YAAR

    Tragic Mike

  5. Tidbit

    Dispose of the women’s bodies quickly in the dumpster so we can get back to pinning eachother to the bed.

  6. Bigalkie

    It’s the story of a Cro Magnon Garbageman and a Russian Taxi Driver.

  7. cc

    Don’t overthink it Mark….Channing won’t.

  8. popwilleatitself

    Is Channing Tatum a cyclops?

  9. Vlad

    Hey, Kutcher…I caught your dog taking a shit on my yard!

  10. atakmod

    I am amazed at how unattractive his guy is…fugs

  11. Why the fuck do women go nuts over this guy? Blech.

  12. He must have a huge dog compared to Ashton’s.

  13. gregsuarez

    “Here… take my heterosexuality. I won’t be needing it anymore.”

  14. EZ-B

    I’ve never seen a man looking at another man wishing he WAS the other man any more in my life.

  15. Popeye & Bluto:The Teen Years.

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