1. Frank Burns

    Nice to see Chris Kattan working again.

  2. sprub

    I bet you can get a 12-pack of this ass in each Kim Kardashian cheek.

  3. joe

    LoL — “face”

    She’s a spokes-ass.

  4. cc

    I am fond of her bum.

  5. Bigalkie

    The new face of Butter.


    Miranda Kerr? more like Miranda Bus, fat ass!

  7. Vlad

    yeah, mango makes my lips swell, too

  8. It’s physically impossible for her to look unattractive.

  9. Martina

    God, she is adorable

  10. Just imagine the fun one could have with that beautiful ass and those gorgeous lips. Could make a man cry…

  11. Allion


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