1. JungleRed

    “Bitch, even I know the earth is round.”

  2. joe

    Honey, that’s a pommel, not a butt-plug.

  3. MrChips

    That horse looks miserable.

  4. “Eat some ebony shit, Glanville.”

  5. See? Not swimming.

  6. cc

    Shouldn’t that horse be white?

  7. JimBB

    Poor Sarah Jessica Parker. She can’t even get on Conan anymore.

  8. She was funny on 30 Rock

  9. Mohawk Disco

    Dressing a horse like a reindeer. Isn’t that racist?

  10. what does it say that when I looked at the thumbnail, I thought this was a photo of Ozzy Osbourne?

  11. See? They ain’t made of cotton and I can still ride one!

  12. Ken

    I’m reminded of that line in “Django Unchained”

  13. Helena Handbasket

    I heart Sherri. She makes me laugh. Needs to get off the talk show and back on a good sitcom.

  14. Dox

    Dear PETA, could you possibly unglue yourself from taking nude celeb photos and maybe save this poor horse?

  15. “Horses are real ! Horses are real !”

  16. doogleberg

    Oh great…now that horse is diabetic and has an early-onset thyroid problem.

  17. Horse is sayin, “oh please get this silly bitch off my back.”

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