1. JungleRed

    There’s something about Candice.

  2. You’d have an easier time convincing me Jesus was a white man than there being people waiting in the cold for Candice Bergen with head shots.

  3. cc

    You are never too old for a cum facial.

  4. Betty White has a twin?

  5. There’s something about dried semen making your hair stand up.

    I lost interest in being clever halfway through that joke.

  6. Is a kardashian ass in the same room?

  7. Just over the top of the picture frame is Charles (“Jim Dial”) Kimbrough holding a balloon.

  8. Phoenix

    “Just make it out to “Ashy Knuckle’.”

  9. Dox

    I never knew she was a Cockatiel.

  10. Freebie

    Don’t rag on her because she’s mature. She was more beautiful than many of the young current “celebrities” in her day. Congrats on aging beautifully and not looking like she’s had tons of surgery.

  11. Ok who spunked in her hair if you don’t let us know I’ll get Bruce Jenner to smack you in the penis.

  12. andie

    LOL Somehow this makes me love her even more. :)

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